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About Us

 Youth to Youth Empowerment: Our youth leaders are involved in every aspect of our program from budget to animal care to advertizing.  They love to share what they have with others and are involved in all of our programs.


Chestnut Nature Kids gives youth the opportunity to develope a connection with nature in this modern time of technilogical dependancy. Through access to natural elements, plants, and animals we introduce a multi-sensory environment at a natural pace. We seek to empower our next generation by giving them real life experiences that develope their strengths and awareness of their own natural processes.

  Our programs provide a variety of nature based experiences to youth. Among the many programs we have offered are: Equine , farm and ranch , nature exploration , botanny and plant pattern , wild edibles and medicinal foods, wild crafting. Our programs often follow the opportunities of the seasons.

  We have a traveling petting farm that we use to do outreach with youth that have barriers that prevent access to our programs such as poverty, domestic violence, and special needs, We partner with other youth organizations that provide services to under searved youth, 

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